Here is a compilation of all my favorite websites and resources for weddings, events, style and fitness!  

The entertaining and darling life of my sister Shelley and her baby "Captain Reef."  Follow their adventures thru Indonesia, Thailand, Australia and Hawaii.  Eat your heart out Swiss Family Robinson! 

Captain Reef

Utah's Princess of Photography.  Think GAP meets H&M.  Family should win for cutest family of the year.  Love her crisp, clean style.

Leah Naomi

My ALL TIME favorite wedding venue in the Hawaiian Islands and maybe the world:

The Haiku Mill

Hawaii's most prestigious wedding event planner:

Couture Events Maui

Want to be dazzled and entertained at the same time?  Check out my dear friend's fashion blog and life changing "shop my closet for 365 days challenge," Maria Von Losch.  Stylist to the stars and beyond!  


One of my favorite ways to keep track of my nutrition and also help my friends stay on track:  

My Fitness Pal