Barbara Vanderpool of Miss Bee Calligraphy and Pacific Weddings Magazine.

Stop looking around on Etsy, or Ebay or where ever for this type of talent.  For real people.  Just come here, for rad insight and links to sweet vendors like this one.  Barbara Vanderpool (isn't that a great name?)  is who you are looking for.  Calligraphy is the name of her game.  She is uber talented.  Graceful.  And lives 10 minutes up the jungle from my jungle on the North Shore of Maui.  I first viewed Barbara's work at a wedding at the Haiku Mill that Mike Adrian shot.  I noticed there were some plates that had some incredible font on them, naming the tables at a gorgeous wildflower garden themed event.   I was impressed.  Soon thereafter, I realized the coordinators were the great team from Belle Destinations, and I quickly found out about Barbara. So off I went!   To Barbara's house now.  And there I FINALLY got to enjoy her art.  In Nature.  In the garden.  With cool fabric, some silly props and a beautiful calligrapher.

Thank you Barbara.  (P.S.  I learned we share the same random birthplace somewhere in Southern California too....)

I started doing some calligraphy in High school.  How lucky was I?  What a very progressive place, to be studying calligraphy and photography and pottery at at high school?  (We won't talk about my violin playing.)  Such a beautiful art. A true refined art.  It's not something I get to do anymore.   (Too many hobbies, sewing, baking, etc..)  Someday maybe I can study with Barbara.

I truly respect what Barbara does, because I know the amount of patience is involved in this type of art.  Lots.  And her perfect execution is, well......delicious.


 This is where we did the shoot.  Stupidly pretty.  This is why I live in Haiku.  Like Oregon, but warmer.

You can view more of Barbara's work HERE at Pacific Wedding's beautiful site.