Be Brave and True...This is what 12 looks like.

Holy moly.  My boy is 12.

Sniff.  Sniff.  

Time you thief!  

Presents are changing.  Birthday parties have no hats or whistles.  Cakes have turned into doughnuts and whatnots.  Deep breath......  I had to beg for him to let me photograph him.  I also had to beg him to shower.  (Really?  Do we REALLY have to argue about the shower everyday?)  And of course I pick out the birthday card with a Ralph Waldo Emerson quote.  Sigh........

I'm enjoying this boy of mine.  A skinny bundle of attitude, old-soulness that is mind blowing and intuition that is HYPER accurate.  Thanks Cole.  

Thanks for making me proud to be your Mother.  

Be proud and be true.  

P.s. I made a photo wall with prints from Instagram.  I tacked hemp twine on the wall and used baby clothes pins to hold the photos.  Thanks to Krista Newman who gave me the idea.  Walgreens will upload directly from your iPhone to their store in a matter of minutes which is super handy and pretty cheap.