Bikini Contest Part 1

When I was 13 my Mom got me a membership to Corvallis Fitness Center.  I'll never forget it.  It was the best thing she ever did for me.  I could melt away my frustrations, confusions and get away from the world.  (You recall that 13 for most people is a hideous time in general.)

Fast forward 20 years.  I have been lifting weights this whole time.  Had my ups and downs in life, but the gym has always been there.  Who needs Xanax when you've got weights to pull and push?  I realized it was much more than "looking good."  It was crucial to my overall mental health that I have physical fitness in my life.  When the kids were really little I forced myself to go to the gym.  (Monica Theobald, Jane Hehemann, Molly Murrill, you were all there!!) Not only did I get back to pre-baby shape, I actually got better!

Then a divorce happened.  (The smile was hiding the sadness.) 



Then a move across the island.  (Let's start a new life!!)


Then a move over the sea.  (Let's REALLY start a new life!!) 


Ignorance is bliss right?


I had lost my sense of personal challenge.  Gotten comfortable.  Became a wine drinker.  (Gasp!) Indulged in whatever I wanted and worked out here and there.  Let's not forget I also had a family member dying, started a brand new career in banking and had a super stalky/grumpy former husband threatening to take my kids away at a moment's notice all while raising two kids by myself.  I'll give myself a LITTLE bit of credit for the drinking.  :) 

 (Note to self:  Bloody Mary's and Tostitos GMO Corn chips are NOT healthy.) 

If you know me you know I like a challenge.  (Bad boys included.  VERY bad habit that I am rid of thank you very much.) 

I needed a big challenge.  When "only other people can do that" or "you can't do that" enters my mind, so does the ability for me to jump in and say "YES I CAN!!!" 

This new challenge wasn't just so I could "look hot."  It was so in my mind I could prove to myself that anything I want to do is possible.  ANYTHING. 

So don't tell me I can't. 

Because  I WILL.  :) 

Blah.  That's how I felt in a bikini.


I know!  Don't I look thrilled????

8 weeks later.......


More details coming this week about my adventure!

Including the REAL secret to losing weight and "toning up" and why a relationship autopsy is good for the soul.....