Happy Birthday Dad!

This Guy.  


Best guy ever.  My Dad turns 64 today.  I've never seen him look better in all the years I've known him.  Super involved Grandpa.  Pepsi lover.  Avid fitness enthusiast.  (Thank you!) Fiercely loyal Democrat and liberal.  Long haired hippie from East Los Angeles. 

You cold?  He'll take the shirt off his back for you.

Need help buying a car?  He's got your back.  (And won't stab you!) 

Not sure how government works?  He'll educate you.  Might slap you for not voting. 

Not sure what to get him for a present?  He likes tee shirts.  

Doesn't like fancy dinners.  Can cook his own.  Quite well in fact.

Need a good April Fool's joke?  He will supply you many. 

Most involved Grandfather I know.  Maybe too involved.  :) 

Loves his baby girls with everything he has and his Grandkids even more.  

Thanks for everything you do Dad.  I love you.  Have a great Birthday.  Love those green eyes.

Take a breather every now and then Pops.  That blood pressure gets all wacko.

2014 Jerry Dow

2014 Jerry Dow