I think one of the most difficult challenges in life is loss.

Most of the time there is no real rhyme or reason.  My friend Terry just lost his wife at 49 of pancreatic cancer.  49.  That's really young.  My Stepdad died last year at 59 of lung cancer.  Steve's wife of breast cancer, Ashley's baby daddy of an aneuryism, Beth's Dad of cancer, Kaleb's Mom of cancer, Bud of cancer, Gary of cardiac arrest, etc.  The list goes on.  

I'm so sorry friends.

I'm watching my Mom grieve the love of her life and its so hard.  He's not coming back.  EVER.  Someone asked my Mom not too long ago, "How long are you going to grieve?"

I wish I knew how long grieving lasted.  My Mom wants the fast track.  But we both know it doesn't exist.  So until she gets there, she just gets up.  Breathes in and out.  Just like my favorite scene from one of the best films out there.....  (Pardon the strange sub-titles.) 

Love and Aloha