Between Two Seas

In celebration of my boy's 16th birthday I wanted to post a favorite poem of mine.  

Shared to me by my amazing blog editor, KC.  

It's for a 13 year old but I think it's fitting for all phases of young man.

Happy 16th Birthday Cole.  

Be Bold Cole.  Be Brave.  Be True.

  I love you.  


Between Two Seas.


The perfect age must be thirteen;

its promise crammed, future unseen.


No longer child, not yet a man,

between two seas, on lonely strand,


the wistful youth, surveys the deep 

from whence he came - an infant’s sleep


Happy with sweet, carefree slumber

gromming waves of childish wonder.


He turns to face the deeper’s still

foreboding, churning, beck and call. 


A waxing strength and courage now

prepare him well, the truth to show


when crashing waves on him will fall

to beat him back and try his all.


The fittest man is tried this way 

who plunges through uncertain days 


of teenage angst and its pressure

to seek life’s best, just like treasure.


Your fortune waits, thirteen year old;

the waves swell large, so now be bold.