Negative Space, Maui Photo Group

Negative space is our Monthly Maui Photo Group's "challenge" this month. It's one of my favorite design principles within photography and I use it on almost every applicable photo shoot.

Negative space, in art, is the space around the focal point or subject, thus creating a silhouette or a shape within itself. The use of equal negative space in composition is said to be good design. Because I shoot portraits and weddings, I like to incorporate negative space in my shoots. I think it's a challenge to nail the composition with people. Knowing I had this topic as our monthly challenge for April, I took that into consideration during my last few shoots and tried to have some fun with it. As you can see, I have a wide range of portraits and shoots. Funny because I always thought I was a better landscape photographer and now I don't think that so much.

Make sure you check out my talented sister in law Wendy Laurel's interpretation of negative space here.

Giacomo & Meline, Hotel Wailea Wedding

This AWESOME couple from Switzerland (originally hailing from Italy) are traveling the world and decided to stop in Maui for a quick little wedding.  I have never laughed so hard during an event.  They were so in love and just darling.  More to come!  Thank you for viewing my work!

Four Seasons Maui

The Four Seasons Maui. Understated elegance, unparalleled service, amazing food (chef Sam Faggetti you are talented) and just plain awesome.  Dreaming of sitting on the lounge chair with my boyfriend and having a cold Corona.  Until then, I'll "settle" for shooting weddings there.  :) 20111017-190324.jpg



Dreaming of Maldives

So my lovely friend Lena from Belle Destination Weddings and Events recently vacationed at the Maldives.  If any of you have heard of this place, you will know what I'm talking about.  HOLY AMAZINGNESS.  I always think Maui is beautiful (which of course it is) but the Maldives are BREATHTAKING.   Really ridiculous.  Apparently star-studded as well.  Lena "ran into" Kate Bosworth and Darryl Hannah.  (Of course I couldn't resist asking if Darryl's mermaid tail made it's appearance when she went swimming......glad you all enjoy my sense of humor and love for cheesy 80's flicks..)  It's pretty much 48 hours of travel from anywhere because it's smack dab in the middle of the Indian Ocean (have no clue where that body of water is....I guess by India? ;) but apparently well worth the jet lag.  I happen to love island-style, so along with some photos I stole off of the resort's website (click here to wish you were rich and/or famous enough to go) I also created my own style set for the Maldives.  Oh, and in honor of Miss Lena, I also threw in the island-style Fedora hat.  She sported one in all of her photos.  A true island fashionista.  Enjoy.

p.s. I also threw in two of my favorite Maui companies.....Hula Hoops Maui for the most amazing jewelry (at last night's wedding I shot for Belle Destinations, I noticed all of us women vendors were wearing this brand of jewelry.  If you live on Maui and you want to be cool but look HOT you wear this line)  and also Acacia swimwear by Naomi Newirth and Lyndie Irons.  Check em ladies.....

Dreaming of Maldives


Details. It's the little things.

I love shooting details.  It's fun to tell the whole story, even if it's just a silly two hour beach wedding.  Love shooting the rings, the dress, the shoes, the food, the drinks.  Why not?  Plus it makes it easier to build an album and vendors LOVE it.  Fun stuff.  Even if there aren't details, I make them up.  Tell the story of the day and the bride and groom will be happy clients.




Kyle and Nicole, True Love

Kapalua.  Two lovebirds.  Middle-school sweethearts.  These two have it all....brains, looks, class and LOVE.  So happy for their engagement.  It was so much fun to shoot these young cuties.  Good job Kyle, you scored a really gorgeous young lady!!


Kyle and Nicole, Kapalua Engagement Shoot

A quick shot of the gorgeous Kyle and Nicole from Denver, Colorado.  Can't wait to show you more.  They were darling and sweet and together 9 YEARS from middle school.  LOVE IT.

Let the Love....and ME.

Let The Love is a RAD photo blog for weddings and engagement shoots that shows off true and honest photography.  They had a contest with the theme of "Summer Love."  They wanted to see "romance in the sun."  I just happen to have a great shot of the beautiful Shelley Laine (my lovely baby sister) and her gorgeous man, Marlon Lewis.  (Yes, the son of famous windsurfer and shaper Jimmy Lewis.)  Marlon loves to spearfish, so I caught (no pun intended) a great shot of Shelley trying to steal a kiss....  And I WON!  YIPPPEEEEE

Check out Let The Love's blog here.  You can also click on their logo below to see my post on their Facebook page.  Keep up the awesome blogging Tory and Wendy, you guys rock....



















Maui Vow Renewal, Kapalua Bay, Jim and Sue

For those of you who know me, you know I've had a tough year.  It's called "DIVORCE."  It sucks.  It's hard.  It hurts.  And of course I shoot a ton of weddings.  Lots of tears at these events!  I've hid behind my camera so many times, crying, trying to pretend it's because I'm so touched by the vows being exchanged in front me, but it's not.  It's because I'm sad.  Wondering about love.  Testing my faith. I still believe in love.


Maui Wedding Photography, Kapalua Bay Wedding, Aimee + Brian

I decided I love these little no-nonsense beach weddings.  So much fun to really get creative and have the time I need to just shoot with the couple.  I really enjoy it.  This was for Nicole at Behind The Lens Maui. Thanks so much to Nicole and also our beautiful little island of Maui.  I love these Kapalua Bay weddings.  Really gorgeous lighting and what a great couple.  I'm lucky.