Fine Art.

This is art in life.  

Dark.  Deep.  Mysterious, and somewhat haunting.  Kinda like life.

Not everything is smiles and rainbows in this world.  I know people that are dealing with all sorts of demons, problems, issues, illnesses and grievances.  So many of us put on a smiley face when inside there are no smiles, but instead worries and stress and sadness.  I'm sorry to everyone and anyone who's heart is broken and down.  Life is so unfair sometimes, especially when you realize your best still isn't good enough.

Keep trying.  Don't give up.  Your time is coming.  

In spite of all the darkness, one candle in a stadium of darkness will still be seen.  

In lieu of a smiley, rainbow, bright sunny post, I decided to post some of my favorite images.  Images that are reminiscent of dark and light and REALITY.  Sometimes the most real images are the ones where no one is smiling.  

Lost Boys Hana

My FAVORITE style of photography is fine art portraiture of children.  My icon is Sally Mann.  Google her and you can see why I'm in love with her style.  Real.  Raw.  Black and white.  Amazing.  She inspires me daily.  You can see her influence thru out my career.  I was commissioned by a Sally Mann collector to photograph her three sons in black and white "Sally Mann" style in Hana, Maui.  I did this TWO YEARS ago and am finally blogging it.  It's my favorite shoot to this day.  I can't wait to do more.  I'll post the full post soon.


Project Demi 365, Throwback Thursday

I remember loving this shot when it was taken.  I can't recall if my sister shot it or if I did to be honest.  However, it was with a Canon point and shoot.

It's when I decided I wanted to know how to take great photos of my children.  Not too much thinking of doing it as a profession, just wanting to archive and save my children's faces on print...permanently.  Greatly.  Clearly.

It was a start.

It's funny.  Once you understand light and how to shoot manually and understand the relationship between F-stop, ISO and shutter speed it really doesn't matter what you shoot with.  You can shoot with a homemade camera with incredible results.  I don't want to get caught up on actions or Photoshop.  I've never wanted "trendy."  But to each their own....