California Dreamin.....

I moved!

Took the kiddos and moved to Encinitas, the last "real" surfing town left in California.  (Don't argue with me, it's true.)

We survived our first two weeks.  Brought the kitty, our surfboards and our wits.  I couldn't be prouder of my kids.  They are AMA-ZING.  They took the challenge and ran!  They love their new school and are digging the cool weather.  There is so much I forgot about on the mainland.  Hummingbirds, skunks, deer, fog, farmers markets and TRAFFIC.  :)

Here's a splash of what we've been up to.  Cole's best friend Max also moved here.  Pretty convenient....  I'm about six months behind on blogging so forgive me!  I'm catching up!

Monthly Photo Challenge, Maui Photographers

My brilliant sister in law thought it would be fun to do a monthly photo challenge with all the Maui Photographers.  This month the theme is "Water."  Obviously here on Maui we have probably the prettiest beaches and ocean on the planet.  However, I wanted to represent where I live.  THE JUNGLE.  Haiku is a super rainy place here on the North Shore of Maui.  And right when I decided to do this, it started raining.  Providing me with the perfect water droplets on my roses and other tropical plants.  I don't have a macro lens which would have been super cool, but not bad for a 24-70 mm lens.  After looking at mine, go check out Alisa Greig's intrepretation of "Water" right here.

All the leaves are brown...and the sky is grey.....Wishing for Fall.

Dreaming of a chill to the air, boots, caramel-colored coats and pumpkin spice lattes. Fall was my favorite time of year when I grew up in the Sunny state of Oregon. (Kidding on the sunny part.) No, but really people. Fall in the Pacific Northwest is RAD. Beautiful colors, a crispness in the air, sunny days and chilly nights. Maybe I'll pull out my Frye boots today and wear them. With cutoffs and a tank top that is.....