Reflection, Maui Photo Group

I assumed for this project featuring the topic "Reflection" most of us would be using the medium of water.

I had a great idea and then it got lost in the day to day things I do.  (And most of all I don't have a way to shoot myself and my daughter without help from someone.)

SOOOOO......My lifelong friend Mariah will be the subject today!  I LOVE getting this shot during a bride's "getting ready process."  I like to switch the focus back and forth between the mirror and their veil.  It's pretty and a classic.  I always make it black and white.  Seems more fitting.

Congrats to my first Bride Mariah.  She was confident enough in my ability to let me shoot my first big wedding with her and her husband, Scott.

And now they have a baby.  :)  Can't wait to photograph that little sweet girl.  Can't wait to meet you Baby Claire!

Make sure you follow our Maui Photo Group's circle by checking out Trish Barker's interpretation of "Reflection" here.


Claire & Jonathan, Haiku Mill, Haiku Hawaii

Thank you to Matthew Alvarado, of Beloved.   He's taught me so much.  What a pretty event.  I loved all the colors.  The flowers were sooooo beautiful.  The PINK.  The pink is amazing.  And of course, let's not forget.  The prettiest venue ever, The Haiku Mill.  Best part?  I live 5 minutes away.






AND last but not least......The Food.

Wow.  Maui Executive Catering did a beautiful and delicious job.

I sort of really enjoy shooting food.  Isn't their food pretty?


Giacomo & Meline, Hotel Wailea Wedding

This AWESOME couple from Switzerland (originally hailing from Italy) are traveling the world and decided to stop in Maui for a quick little wedding.  I have never laughed so hard during an event.  They were so in love and just darling.  More to come!  Thank you for viewing my work!

Barbara Vanderpool of Miss Bee Calligraphy and Pacific Weddings Magazine.

Stop looking around on Etsy, or Ebay or where ever for this type of talent.  For real people.  Just come here, for rad insight and links to sweet vendors like this one.  Barbara Vanderpool (isn't that a great name?)  is who you are looking for.  Calligraphy is the name of her game.  She is uber talented.  Graceful.  And lives 10 minutes up the jungle from my jungle on the North Shore of Maui.  I first viewed Barbara's work at a wedding at the Haiku Mill that Mike Adrian shot.  I noticed there were some plates that had some incredible font on them, naming the tables at a gorgeous wildflower garden themed event.   I was impressed.  Soon thereafter, I realized the coordinators were the great team from Belle Destinations, and I quickly found out about Barbara. So off I went!   To Barbara's house now.  And there I FINALLY got to enjoy her art.  In Nature.  In the garden.  With cool fabric, some silly props and a beautiful calligrapher.

Thank you Barbara.  (P.S.  I learned we share the same random birthplace somewhere in Southern California too....)

I started doing some calligraphy in High school.  How lucky was I?  What a very progressive place, to be studying calligraphy and photography and pottery at at high school?  (We won't talk about my violin playing.)  Such a beautiful art. A true refined art.  It's not something I get to do anymore.   (Too many hobbies, sewing, baking, etc..)  Someday maybe I can study with Barbara.

I truly respect what Barbara does, because I know the amount of patience is involved in this type of art.  Lots.  And her perfect execution is, well......delicious.


 This is where we did the shoot.  Stupidly pretty.  This is why I live in Haiku.  Like Oregon, but warmer.

You can view more of Barbara's work HERE at Pacific Wedding's beautiful site.





Haiku Mill Wedding, Yaebin & Nick

I was lucky this summer to photograph quite a few weddings with the very talented Matthew Alvarado of Beloved. I'm lucky he lets me tag along. Nick and Yaebin chose the gorgeous Haiku Mill in my hometown of Haiku, Maui. Yaebin was probably the most photogenic bride I've ever seen. Seriously. Her skin was perfection! I loved shooting this because not only was the group really fun, they chose all the best vendors. Did you see that bouquet? And how about that Groom's cake? (Apparently he had a small obsession with "Lost.") Fun stuff. Very pretty. AND I guess no one caught the bouquet because it landed in the chandelier! Congrats to Nick and Yaebin. Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness! All-Star vendor list is below.....

Catering: Maui Executive Catering Bar: Garnish Events Rentals: Island Rents Specialty Rent: Pacific Event Group Videography: Hawaii Video Memories Officiate: Keli'i Brown Musician: Ron Schecter DJ: Ace Beats Tent: Maui Rents Cake: Designer Cakes Hair: Dan Sanchez Florals: Bella Bloom

Four Seasons Maui

The Four Seasons Maui. Understated elegance, unparalleled service, amazing food (chef Sam Faggetti you are talented) and just plain awesome.  Dreaming of sitting on the lounge chair with my boyfriend and having a cold Corona.  Until then, I'll "settle" for shooting weddings there.  :) 20111017-190324.jpg



Details. It's the little things.

I love shooting details.  It's fun to tell the whole story, even if it's just a silly two hour beach wedding.  Love shooting the rings, the dress, the shoes, the food, the drinks.  Why not?  Plus it makes it easier to build an album and vendors LOVE it.  Fun stuff.  Even if there aren't details, I make them up.  Tell the story of the day and the bride and groom will be happy clients.




Kyle and Nicole, True Love

Kapalua.  Two lovebirds.  Middle-school sweethearts.  These two have it all....brains, looks, class and LOVE.  So happy for their engagement.  It was so much fun to shoot these young cuties.  Good job Kyle, you scored a really gorgeous young lady!!


Kyle and Nicole, Kapalua Engagement Shoot

A quick shot of the gorgeous Kyle and Nicole from Denver, Colorado.  Can't wait to show you more.  They were darling and sweet and together 9 YEARS from middle school.  LOVE IT.

Haiku Mill, Corey and Jim

This is how I photograph weddings.  Fun details.  Beautiful couple.  Lots of love. Jim serenaded Corey as she walked down the aisle.  Seriously?  Where do women find men like this?  :)

Jim and Corey were a pleasure to work with as were all the amazing vendors at the Haiku Mill.   I've shot a ton with Matthew Alvarado from Beloved.  What a talented guy. Kudos to him for allowing me to tag along and capture the beauty in this union.  Stephanie from Garnish provided the pretty cocktails, for whom I LOVE working with.  Enjoy!






Maui Vow Renewal, Kapalua Bay, Jim and Sue

For those of you who know me, you know I've had a tough year.  It's called "DIVORCE."  It sucks.  It's hard.  It hurts.  And of course I shoot a ton of weddings.  Lots of tears at these events!  I've hid behind my camera so many times, crying, trying to pretend it's because I'm so touched by the vows being exchanged in front me, but it's not.  It's because I'm sad.  Wondering about love.  Testing my faith. I still believe in love.


Maui Wedding Photographer, Hotel Wailea, Suzanne and Dinan

After this sweet couple's vows were exchanged, we ran down to Polo Beach and did some fun beach shots.  More later from their awesome event at Hotel Wailea.  Big thanks to the talented Rachael Barnard and Kara from Hotel Wailea Weddings and Island Rents.  Beautiful two day event.  Thank you........

Maui Wedding Photography, Kapalua Bay Wedding, Aimee + Brian

I decided I love these little no-nonsense beach weddings.  So much fun to really get creative and have the time I need to just shoot with the couple.  I really enjoy it.  This was for Nicole at Behind The Lens Maui. Thanks so much to Nicole and also our beautiful little island of Maui.  I love these Kapalua Bay weddings.  Really gorgeous lighting and what a great couple.  I'm lucky.