Jimmy Kimmel, Lukas Nelson

I've decided that Jimmy Kimmel is pretty rad.   After watching the video from the Jimmy Kimmel show asking parents to tell their children they ate all of their Halloween candy and to video it, I thought I might die of laughter.  It was so hilarious.  Jimmy is neat.

AND so is Lukas Nelson.  Awesome musician.  A super cool cat.  (A fun beach dude as you can see.)  Let's support Maui boy Lukas tonight and tune into Jimmy Kimmel.  Now we get to enjoy both.  Cool.


You can also see Lukas on these guys Innersection videos.  Go Albee!

Thank you to the very talented Krista Newman of Groovy Tuesday and Rust and Diamonds for shooting me beautifully in my bikini.  (Even if I don't say so myself.)