Project Demi 365

I started realizing that lately life has been revolving around one person..........Cole.  Surfing takes a lot of time.  Cole's 5th grade homework takes a lot of time.  (Why did we change math people?  Don't try to fix things that aren't broken...helloooo)  Monitoring of Cole's new FB page takes time.  Cole.  Cole.  Cole. Poor Demi.  Demi just comes along for the ride even when she doesn't feel like it.  You'd wonder why any of us would ever get tired of being at the beach, but it does happen.  Sometimes Demi doesn't want to go, but he wants to.  Cole surfs, we all go.  So is the life of a younger sibling to have to join in on the good AND the bad.  (I remember listening to my sister's choir practice, going to her Volleyball practices, drum marching band parade things, the list goes on.)

So.  I've decided.  It's time for a cool project involving this child of mine named Demi.  It's called Project Demi 365.  I've vowed to snap a photo (nooooot with the iphone.  With the bad boy Canon 5D Mark II.) everyday, for 365 days.  A year.  Now...don't get me wrong.  There will be times when I won't be able to.  (She'll be at her Father's house on the Westside.)  But the rest of the days?  I'll be in her face with a camera.  Getting a screenshot in the life of a Maui born 8 yr old.  Expect this to be somewhat artsy because I'm not shooting fancy.  I want this to be a bit raw.