Reflection, Maui Photo Group

I assumed for this project featuring the topic "Reflection" most of us would be using the medium of water.

I had a great idea and then it got lost in the day to day things I do.  (And most of all I don't have a way to shoot myself and my daughter without help from someone.)

SOOOOO......My lifelong friend Mariah will be the subject today!  I LOVE getting this shot during a bride's "getting ready process."  I like to switch the focus back and forth between the mirror and their veil.  It's pretty and a classic.  I always make it black and white.  Seems more fitting.

Congrats to my first Bride Mariah.  She was confident enough in my ability to let me shoot my first big wedding with her and her husband, Scott.

And now they have a baby.  :)  Can't wait to photograph that little sweet girl.  Can't wait to meet you Baby Claire!

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