Be Brave and True...This is what 12 looks like.

Holy moly.  My boy is 12.

Sniff.  Sniff.  

Time you thief!  

Presents are changing.  Birthday parties have no hats or whistles.  Cakes have turned into doughnuts and whatnots.  Deep breath......  I had to beg for him to let me photograph him.  I also had to beg him to shower.  (Really?  Do we REALLY have to argue about the shower everyday?)  And of course I pick out the birthday card with a Ralph Waldo Emerson quote.  Sigh........

I'm enjoying this boy of mine.  A skinny bundle of attitude, old-soulness that is mind blowing and intuition that is HYPER accurate.  Thanks Cole.  

Thanks for making me proud to be your Mother.  

Be proud and be true.  

P.s. I made a photo wall with prints from Instagram.  I tacked hemp twine on the wall and used baby clothes pins to hold the photos.  Thanks to Krista Newman who gave me the idea.  Walgreens will upload directly from your iPhone to their store in a matter of minutes which is super handy and pretty cheap.  

Fine Art.

This is art in life.  

Dark.  Deep.  Mysterious, and somewhat haunting.  Kinda like life.

Not everything is smiles and rainbows in this world.  I know people that are dealing with all sorts of demons, problems, issues, illnesses and grievances.  So many of us put on a smiley face when inside there are no smiles, but instead worries and stress and sadness.  I'm sorry to everyone and anyone who's heart is broken and down.  Life is so unfair sometimes, especially when you realize your best still isn't good enough.

Keep trying.  Don't give up.  Your time is coming.  

In spite of all the darkness, one candle in a stadium of darkness will still be seen.  

In lieu of a smiley, rainbow, bright sunny post, I decided to post some of my favorite images.  Images that are reminiscent of dark and light and REALITY.  Sometimes the most real images are the ones where no one is smiling.  

Jardine Family from Texas

I LOVED this shoot.  Not only was this family super easy to work with, they rented this awesome pad at Baby Beach in Lahaina.  I remember when this house was built.  I always loved the "Nantucket" styling.  And even their clothes matched the house.  After a few temper tantrums, the little baby of the family became my best "poser" and her teenage sister joined in as well.  Can't go wrong with this many hams.  Thanks Jardine family from Texas.  You guys are gorgeous and I hope to work with you again someday.  This is a very classic "Stephanie Sheveland" type shoot.  

Beautiful people.  

The Goldsmiths..Family Extraordinaire!

I've been photographing this family since the beginning and it has been a blast to see their Ohana grow.  I love being able to document a family's growth and love thru the years.  It's probably one of the things I do best.  Not only are they all great looking and know how to dress (thank you for avoiding all white Erica!) they are THE NICEST people to work with.  Erica owns "Couture Events" and puts on incredible events on Maui.  Her attention to detail is always what gets me.  If you need any type of event coordinating, call Erica with Couture Events.  

This was from December and was their "Holiday" shoot.  I usually hold off on blogging these so people can debut them first in their cards and photo gifts to relatives.  You will see a bunch more.  Enjoy!