Fun Fun Fun Till Your Daddy Takes Your T-Bird Away......

For some reason I feel like living in a beach town in Southern California means the Beach Boys are playing constantly in the background.  I don't know why I feel that way.  I grew up in Oregon and whenever we visited our relatives (in a very long car ride in the back of a station wagon usually) in Southern California it was like I was "heading towards the light."  The sight of the first palm tree meant we were in the Holy Land.  The land of sand, blonde surfer boys and Hollywood.  Why was that so exciting to me?  Why weren't the Subarus, Birkenstocks and bearded men enough for me?  Was it the sun I craved?  Less clothes?  I was ALWAYS envious of the surf mentality my parents grew up with.  Beach blanket bingo.  Annette Full-of-Jello, Frankie Avalon.  Such a great time.  Maybe that's why I ended up on Maui for so many years.  

(Only to realize surfers annoy the SHIT out of me.  Get a job...  Sorry son.)  


Wish they all could be California girls.....

 that's what they said.  

Now I am.  And so is my baby girl.