Let The Kids Dress Themselves

I'm one of those people who is constantly posting my everyday life on Instagram.  The kids hate me for it.  My parents love me for it.  And apparently so does one of my favorite photography blogs!  "Let The Kids Dress Themselves" is the premiere family photography blog featuring the best of the best in family and children photographers around the world.  I'm so honored.  Check out the post here.

Wendy Laurel has taught me so much about photography.  One of the things she told me when I first started was "leave your camera out.  Leave it on the counter.  Don't put it away nicely in your case.  Capture everything.  That's how you'll learn to be a better photographer."  I always took this advice seriously because it worked.  I did notice though, that the kids would shy away from the best moments because they saw the big girl camera come out.  Enter the iPhone.....(insert evil laugh) With the iPhone I've been able to be super sneaky and capture EVERYTHING.  Including brother sister cuddling in bed.  Yep.  I always knew they loved each other and now I have the proof.  (These will also be used as bribing tools when the kids are teenagers.)

Also, for those of you who like my Instagram work, and would like to see more of it, you can view ALL of my art here

Monday Marion with Maui Rose

Marion (pronounced Marrrrryyyy-own in my best french accent) is absolutely stunning.  I LOVED doing this shoot because I always knew how beautiful this french darling was.  She is just one of those people that wears pregnancy VERY well.  I think this was literally days before she gave birth to her third precious baby.  (Yep.  Third.)  Marion owns and designs the incredible cool line of beach bags called "Maui Rose."  You can contact Maui Rose here.

Do you feel my "Out of Africa" vibe here?