What I hate about being a parent.

Seeing your child in pain is of course awful.  But what can you do?  You can't say no to everything for fear of them being injured.  Parenthood is all about the slow letting go moments.  From watching Cole jump off a boulder at 2,  to letting him surf in double overhead waves (for him at least) with the big boys at 10.  It's hard.  And my hair is not getting any less grey.  Or silver I should say because at least that sparkles.  The stakes are bigger now.  He's 10.  He's stronger.  He wants to be a ripper surfer which means bigger waves, stronger currents and injuries.  Owies.  Boo-boos.  And people laugh at me when they hear that he still sleeps in my bed.  (Shhhhh don't tell his friends.)  He can be there as long as he wants.  It's not weird.  He's my baby.  And I only have these moments for a little while and then he'll be a teenager and want nothing to do with me.  And then he'll be a man.  Poof.  Gone.  Childhood is quick.  I'm holding onto every moment I can.


Cole's home from school today with a really sore back from his afternoon session yesterday at his good old homebreak of Hookipa.  He was shivering.  He was scared.  He got slammed.  Luckily he's going to be okay.  But I would be lying if I wasn't terrified when I saw the look on his face coming in from the waves.  Be safe buddy.  And here's to getting better so you can rip at this weekend's contest.